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We aren’t suggesting you shouldn’t have fun over the Christmas season but many job seekers mistakenly abandon their job search once December rolls around.

The reasons for this are partly psychological. After a long and hard job search with little result, it is natural to feel you deserve a break in December to get ready for Christmas and concentrate on celebrating. While this is a natural feeling it could mean you are missing out on the job of your dreams.

Another reason job seekers are lack lustre in December comes from an odd but pervasive myth that employers aren’t hiring in December.

It is true that individuals and businesses can be very busy in December. They have to balance Christmas with the usual urgent deadlines and if the office shuts completely over Christmas they may have less time to complete the same amount of work for the month.

With everyone thinking about Christmas, the idea has arisen that there are few vacancies available in December and that employers start to look in January.

It is easy to see why job seekers might think this, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Job seekers who fall into the trap of believing the myth and abandoning their job search are missing out on some great opportunities.

Why December is a great time to search for jobs

Foresight December Job search infographic

While some businesses are very busy in December, others experience a quieter period. This means they will have more time for hiring and filling new roles.

Even very busy businesses often hire in December. This is because many companies have a use it or lose it budget or they need to get a qualified person in place before the new year. This is a common feature in many businesses, especially since this is the time of year the following year budgets are decided for each department.

Since so many job seekers believe the December myth about there being few vacancies available, you are actually in a prime position to snap up a fantastic job that might have faced more competition at other periods in the year. Employers often need to fill a vacancy before the new year and have a smaller pool of candidates to choose from.

Statistically job seekers slowdown in their searches far more than businesses do at listing vacancies in December so there is high demand for talent.

Therefore, Foresight advise not getting lazy over the festive season and keeping your eyes peeled for exciting opportunities coming your way in December. What better Christmas present could there be than starting a wonderful new job that you love.

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