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Top Skills For Car Sales Executives | Foresight Recruitment

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The role of a car sales executive attracts many candidates, from car enthusiasts to those that thrive on making a sale, candidates throughout the country are keen to work in this fast paced industry. Due to the popularity of the role, it is essential that candidates understand what skills are required to make them stand out amongst fellow job seekers. Here we have listed the top skills and personality traits that we and our clients look for in the perfect car sales executive candidate.

Sales and negotiation

The clue is in the name, sales and negotiation skills are obviously a vital aspect to the role of a car sales executive. It is your job to analyse the needs of a customer, make an informed recommendation and subsequently convince them that a particular product is the ideal option. The skill of effective negotiation is one that is mastered through experience, many wrongly assume negotiating to be the same as pushiness, but this will ultimately deter a customer.

Understanding of financials

In order for a car sales executive to offer potential customers realistic guidance it is essential that they have a good understanding of personal finances. In addition to this the ability to work out prices and finance details relatively quickly will be of significant interest to potential employers, as it indicates that you would be able to provide real-time information for clients, thus making the sales process much more efficient.

Verbal communication

When negotiating a sale, the ability to clearly communicate is essential. A car sales executive will need to let a customer know the full details of a vehicle, the sales process as well as confidently recommending the vehicles and the reason it is the right fit for them.

Customer service  

Sales executives are there to make the buying process clear, easy and efficient and in order to do this they require excellent customer service skills. A candidate with dedication to quality customer service will often embody a number of skills and personality traits, including a friendly nature, strong communication, attentiveness and much more.


Not all potential customers will be the friendliest, and although you are trying to simply guide them in the right direction, often you may be met with some hostility. It is at these times that resilience will be vital; you must remain polite and friendly in these situations and be able to move on to help the next customer with the same positive demeanour.

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